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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject RE: will Xalan 2 replace jaxp.jar and parser.jar?
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2001 09:52:35 GMT
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> From: Stefan Bodewig []

> > I would prefer to switch to the final jaxp 1.1 release instead which
> > includes a clean xalan2 and a clean parser.
> Yes, same here. Make Ant depend on JAXP 1.1 when that has been
> released, stick with JAXP 1.0.1 until then.

JAXP 1.1 is final since Feb 12,

> I'm not too sure what we should be distributiong with our binary
> builds. As long as we stick to JAXP 1.0 the choice between the
> reference implementation of it and Xerces has been a simple matter of
> size - and we've always told people they could use Xerces if they
> prefered it.

Yes but I think we could at least ship crimson and xalan, so that we have a
functional Ant 'out of the box'

> Personally I don't want to get into politics and chosing between
> Crimson and Xerces (which are both Apache projects) looks rather
> difficult to me. The size argument still holds true in that
> crimson.jar is about 10-20% of xerces.jar, of course.

As of now, I would prefer taking crimson and xalan from the distrib. As I
said they are clean. Only the necessary stuff.

xerces and xalan archives currently shipped as stated by Shane both includes
org.sax.*, javax.xml.* and org.w3c.* and the xalan2 meta-inf refers to
xerces and vice-versa. This could lead to a nightmare (I had a lot recently
!) of sealing violations, linkage error, classpath order and overridden jaxp

Since we are at it, for Ant 1.3, I think the build should be done with the
compatibility jar of Xalan2 otherwise there will be some signature problems.

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