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From Nese Myles <>
Subject RE: ant and junit
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 15:51:38 GMT
That would very cool to see the JProbe Coverage tasks. That is what I am
using as well.
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From: Stephane Bailliez []
Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2001 10:57 AM
Subject: RE: ant and junit

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> From: Nese Myles [ <> ] 
> Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2001 4:38 PM 
> To: ant-dev@Jakarta. Apache. Org (E-mail) 
> Subject: ant and junit 
> I am currently building with Ant 1.1 and building JUnit 3.2  
> test cases. 
> This may seem a redundant question, but how will Ant improve 
> the use of 
> JUnit in the building process ? I am very interested in the 
> Ant JUnit Tasks 
> subject. 

I will answer this one so that Stefan can rest a little :) 

The only thing that will be added should be to have browsable reports
(non-framed and in a javadoc framed way), some xsls will be able to be
applied after the report.

Since report are individuals, the hack will be to collect all .xml files and
aggregate them into a single one. You will be able to apply a stylesheet on
this merged report.

As of now, there is to me something that is missing: the execution
environment. I would like to add JVM properties of the test so that you know
in what environment the tests where executed (OS, architecture, java
version, file encoding, language, etc...)

Since you're Q&A you might be interested that I also wrote a couple of tasks
for Sitraka JProbe Coverage. 
I have used them yesterday to have information about the coverage of the
junit tests and it is somewhat very cool. 

I hope to submit them very quickly. 

 St├ęphane Bailliez 
 Software Engineer, Paris - France 
 iMediation - <>  
 Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed above are mine and not those from my

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