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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Overriding default Target conditionals
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 13:16:22 GMT
At 07:25  9/02/01 -0800, Jason Dillon wrote:
>Is there any planned support to allow the Target class to be more dynamic,
>like Task?  I am wondering because I would like to modify the conditonals so
>that they can take an expression (via BSF) rather than just detect if a
>property is set or not.
>It looks like I currently need to modify ProjectHelper to do this.  Or
>perhaps I am missing something.

Well in general it is thought to be dangerous and not something we want to
do. Consequently there is no hooks for such things. It will be possible to
do something like this Ant2.0 but not now - at least not with keping
compatability with ant main tree.

>I guess along those lines would it be possible to modify the field/method
>modifiers for the current tasks to protected from private.  I have run into
>a few situations where I needed to add a small change to one of the tasks,
>but they had private fields which I needed to modify, or private methods
>which I needed to call, so I had to duplicate the entire task.

Send patches and they would gladly be accepted (at least by me ;])

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