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From Paul Hammant <>
Subject Re: Jesktop project, needs command-line env.
Date Sun, 04 Feb 2001 15:21:20 GMT
> Alternatively you could help us work on Ant2.x which will almost ......

OK, sign me up :-)

> [..myrmdion..]

OK, I'll read the docs for that. It sure sounds interesting and it looks like I
have some concepts to absorb.

> Other than that all the names/packages are yet to be finalised and may
> change (a few people pointed out they dislike the name "tasklet" but no one
> on ant-dev has commented).

Does tasklet imply that a built ant.jar and optional.jar will not contain all
taskdefs.  And that taskefs may be delivered as separate tasklets that can be
dropped into a disrectory to enable ant to use them?


> I keep meaning to hack on it some more but every time I get some spare time
> the sun is shining outside ... and my area isn't usually known for good
> weather so ... ;)

Paul gazes out of window. Rain again!

> I say good, better, great - another vote for embeddable Ant2.0 ;)

Yup, if it's everything you say it is, then I'm +1 for it.


- Paul H

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