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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: New manual organization - printing is sometimes useful
Date Wed, 07 Feb 2001 18:57:58 GMT

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From: "Christoph Wilhelms" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2001 09:46
Subject: AW: New manual organization - printing is sometimes useful

> For printable reason someone could write a script putting all the small
> .html's together into one big document. This could be the base for a
> printable version.

or do XML -> PDF by other means. The Junit manuals are a good example of
when a printable PDF manual is nice.

> If we really want to "search" in Conor's version, we need a search-engine,
> but I dont't think there is need for it, for the navigation is really
> inutitive: You get an overview of all, build-in tasks and optional tasks
> THIS is what we need and the old version had a lack of!

The navigation on conor's guide is good. The only weakness from my
perspective is that my bookmark was always to the built in tasks page; now I
have to bring up the main page and click down one. A trivial issue.

One thing we could consider is to produce a CHM version of the helpfile.
Transforming an HTML tree to CHM is a matter of
 -generate an index file (sort of an HTML list of entries)
 -run it through the chm compiler

My (now rarely maintained) win32 FAQ does this
( and it is nicely searchable, printable
and easily bookmarkable. But when I look at the access logs for my win32
FAQ, last week's load was
    -1200 for faq.htm
    -500 for the faq broken up into sections
    -75 for the zipped
    -75 for the .chm

So given the choice, most people seem happy to  pull down the full doco and
read through it, rather than take a fractured version. And the same number
of people care about bandwidth as care about local searchability.

So all in all, I dont think a .CHM version merits the effort, especially the
effort of having to rebuild it on a windows box as part of the overnight

Incidentally, I have the J2SE and J2EE javadoc filesets in .CHM for for
anyone who wants them at 20MB and 4.5MB respectively. Handy if you do like
local searchability. Any takers?


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