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From "Thomas Christen" <>
Subject [PATCH] Nested Tasks (Version 1.1)
Date Sun, 04 Feb 2001 17:10:09 GMT
As proposed by some commiters

- Renamed Interface SupportTasks now called TaskContainer: Used to mark
   any task as a task supporting nested tasks
- Updated Version of :
     - Constructor TaskHandler: Type of target changed to Object (sorry, but
it needs to be an Object, alternatively I could implement two Constructors -
one with Target and the other with Task)
     - NestedElementHanlder: Method init changed a lot
- Updated Version of : Only added implements
   SupportTasks and use the new method perform() from
   Task (see below)
- Updated Version of :
     - New method called perform() for a centralised handling
       of task execution.
     - Logging strategy; this enables task to redirect the
       loggeroutput of there children (e.g. postpone, etc.)

Alle diffs are now taken from todays versions in the repository. Hope this
would be help more to understand my changes.

Following the discussion about my 'NestedTasks' I got the impression that
there are two parties. One side want's to prevent any in adding scripting
like functionality. Others could see the advantage of clear and obvious
structures (e.g. <parallel> <task../> <task../></parallel>). I know,
opinion is unimportant. But in my past - for the long time it was allways
better to have clear and logical structures (e.g. structures defined in

One point may be concernes about the complexity. Some users may not fully
understand the concept, but do they realy need to understand it fully ? For
normal use, nothing will change. Even if someone implements his own task,
nothing changed or no additional complexity needs to be understand and
handeld. This easyness commes from a simple and clear concept about how ant
has been designed in the past.

Except to not allow script like tasks - I still can't see reasons not to
allow nested tasks.

Thomas Christen

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