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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: long command lines from execon with parallel=true
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2001 10:14:29 GMT
Mariusz Nowostawski <> wrote:

> We agree that limiting the length inside a target does not make much
> sense. We also agree that limiting the number of arguments makes
> sense,

right, at least for you and me 8-)

> however I do not like to use this 'limit' argument to artificially
> control length of arguments for particular OS.

Actually, as Nico pointed out, we've decided to use a very radical
limit of 4096 bytes that POSIX defines and that works across all
platforms (as far as we know) in the jikes/jvc case. We didn't want to
support a map of ${} to acceptable length of command lines, I
still think this has been the right decision.

> One proposal given by Stefan is: a) just fail if the command line is
> too long for a given OS


> there is of course opposite alternative: b) split the command if the
> argument list is too long.

if you know of a good way to find out - or fall back to 4096.

> Add yet another argument, let say 'enablesplit' with default value
> "true" or "false" which controls b) and a) respectively in case the
> argument list exceeded a limit for the given OS.

This is getting quite complicated, isn't it 8-).

We'd have three attributes that influence each other - quite difficult
to explain. If we want to follow that route, we'd better deprecate
parallel in favour of limit="1" and limit="NONE".

enablesplit should be set to false by default IMHO - keep things
explicit, i.e. apply magic only if the user asks for it.

> Also, this length limit applies only to a limited number of OSes,

Not true at all. It applies to (almost?) every OS, the limit is just


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