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From Tim Mooney <>
Subject Re: Ant and RPM integration-- Has anyone looked into it?
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2001 23:11:45 GMT
In regard to: Re: Ant and RPM integration-- Has anyone looked into it?,...:

>>RPM is crying out to be rewritten using Java and XML IMHO ;-)

I would love to see the arguments that might convince me why it's "crying
out" to be rewritten in Java.  Frankly, I think you're either trolling or
you don't have a clue what you're talking about, but I'm willing to let you
prove it, either way.  ;-)

I don't have anything against either Java or XML (I like both a lot, and
I think XML is really cool, Java less-so these days), but if all you have is
the Java hammer, it may look like the appropriate tool for any job.  It's
not.  Requiring a working JVM at system install time (or really *any* time)
to be able to install and remove packages is a pretty serious prerequisite.

Perhaps what you're really implying is that Linux and everyone else should
include a JVM in the kernel, so it's capable of running Java programs
just like any other native executable format.  Is that what you're thinking?

Tim Mooney                    
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