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Subject Re: Why do people like copying the source?
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2001 14:21:17 GMT
I don't know - I never figured it out either, and this specific technique
used in many build.xml files made it much more difficult to convince some
developers to use Ant over make.

I thought the main reason was you got to use Ant's nifty filtering on all
the sources during the copy to the build tree, so that any version info or
config info was only stored in the build.xml, and not anywhere in the
source (or doc, or ...).

But the drawbacks are quite annoying: takes longer, takes up more disk
space, and introduces more risk in the build process.  Part of the risk is
just that the files compiled are not the files you got from the repository
anymore.  Sure, they've just been copied from a to b, but that alone is a
little bit of risk, and then there's all the people who end up editing the
copy in the build area and wonder why their changes don't compile/get
checked back in... 8-)

(Sorry, all the talk about risk must be from my QE background!)

---- you "Sam Ruby" <> wrote: ----
> In particular, I'm talking about items such as the following:
>    <copy todir="${build.src}">
>      <fileset dir="${java.dir}"/>
>    </copy>

Obviously for Ant itself there are probably some special cases, as Sam
But in other cases, or for any 'best practices' docs, my vote (if Sam even
called one) for stopping the copying of sources would be:

- Shane

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