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From "Martin van den Bemt" <>
Subject RE: [Suggestion][New Task] Coding Standards / Code 'Beautifier'
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2001 04:56:43 GMT
I started using the jedit today (based on your posting, so thanx) and it's a
cool editor, so to say.. Debuggin java is the only part I'm still missing
though ;-)). The reformatting looks great indeed. I just have my doubts
about this being a core task for ant, it's the code base that should be nice
(in cvs or whatever system you may use), not the compiled code in Ant,
unless the output of an ant build (ehh task I should say) is source (in this
case formatted).
My defenitition of the Ant core is that ant should do everything in it's
power to get my complete system online, based on parameters or "tasks" I
define. In my opinion reformatting sourcecode is not part of that core.
I'm not doubting the quality of the JavaStyle system, just if it is core

Martin van den Bemt

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From: Stuart Roebuck []
Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2001 9:09 PM
Subject: Re: [Suggestion][New Task] Coding Standards / Code 'Beautifier'

This is all helpful feedback.

I *absolutely* agree that a reformatter would have to be *totally* reliable,
and not break code.  It looks like the author is already using junit which
is a good sign.  The other positive aspect of this reformatter is that it is
part of a java refactoring suite which means that (I think) the code
actually parses and understands the code to some extent rather than doing a
brain dead bit of ASCII character art!  In my brief uses of it on some of my
own code I was impressed with the result.

Is is also fairly configurable, so my impression is that it would only
change what you want it to.  jEdit <> is very easy to
download and run and the JavaStyle plugin is easy to loadin (look under
Plugin Manager).  It's just a case of downloading the jar and doing a
java -jar on it (assuming Java 1.2+).  I would be really appreciative of any
feedback on how well people think the reformater works on real code.  I'm
keen on this idea, but I don't want to invest lots of time on it if the
community out there don't think it is practical or useful.


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