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From "Martin van den Bemt" <>
Subject RE: Antidote: Request for Input
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2001 04:56:47 GMT
Isn't is possible to create a wizard based on the tree available in e.g. an
emptied build xml file.
The build file (could) contain all the core stuff with just empty parameters
so take this fragment :

 <target name="init">
  <property name="srcdir" value="d:\work\cubic\src\"/>
  <property name="targetdir" value="t:\"/>
  <echo message="Compiling cubic sources..."/>

<target name="init">
  <property name="srcdir" value=""/>
  <property name="targetdir" value=""/>
  <echo message=""/>
based on this the wizzard will come up with the following screen :
default yes/no
target name : ______
sourcedir   : ______
targetdir   : ______
message     : ______
if (something == null && allowed null) don't put it in ;-))

So let the wizard definitions be just ant xml files, use it as a sort of
template (so people can create there own, and adjust whenever they need..).

Maby I'm making it worse than it already was, but I like things "automated'
(create ones, use it for everything ;-))

If you want I'll be glad to help, but :
1) Don't no anything about GUI and Java or anything that has to do with
graphics (maby just digging into it will help)
2) Sleeping is on my wishlist (a social life too btw, the only social event
is petting my cat, ant-dev and work..).
3) Know way too little about ant (just use pretty basic stuff and some
"self" created tasks)
4) in short : at this moment a lack of time, so it depends on the timeframe
if I can be of any use for this..

Just an idea...
Have fun,

Martin van den Bemt

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From: Simeon H.K. Fitch []
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2001 6:00 PM
To: Ant Developers
Subject: Antidote: Request for Input

As I've stated before, my broad vision for Antidote is for it to be an
*enabler* for Ant, particularly for those who are just getting started
with it or don't want to have to hack/learn XML to build Java projects
in a cross-platform manner. In this vein, I have started work on a
"wizzard" capability to allow someone to create (at least) a basic
build file by answering a few questions and defining some paths.


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