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From Stuart Roebuck <>
Subject Re: [Suggestion][New Task] Coding Standards / Code 'Beautifier'
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2001 09:41:47 GMT

I agree.  Reading your comments and thinking about it, this is not something that fits within
the core uses most people will put Ant to.  I don't think it makes any sense to strip out
the relevant code from his for inclusion in Ant, so that also means that this might add unnecessarily
to the footprint of Ant for folk who weren't interested in it.  So I'll persue it on an optional

However, for me I can see it as an ideal part of my build process.  At present I use a package
called ProjectBuilder (on MacOS X) as my development environment - its got a nice interface
and works well for me.  But I don't like the built in Java compile and build options, so I
use the facility it provides to drive an external build tool - in my case Ant.

My standard build process is called "compileAndTest" and, as it says, it compiles my code
and then runs every standard jUnit unit test on the code.  In the flavour of "Extreme Programming"
this gives me great confidence in the whole process from one moment to the next and usually
avoid my having to actually 'run' the code until later.

If I can get this code reformatter working under Ant then I will add it to this process. 
Assuming I have confidence in its ability to maintain the integrity of the code, I will put
it in as the last stage in the build after testing (just so that I don't wait for it reformatting
prior to telling me about a missing ";" or the like!).  Then I will be able to code from one
moment to the next, not worrying about tidying comments or changing the indenting of lines.
 I will know that, if the build has succeeded: the code compiles, runs and is formatted in
a standard way.

Anyway, feedback has been very positive, so I will push on and try an throw something together
and see how Chris, the author, feels about it.


On Thursday, January 18, 2001, at 04:56 AM, Martin van den Bemt wrote:

> I started using the jedit today (based on your posting, so thanx) and it's a 
> cool editor, so to say.. Debuggin java is the only part I'm still missing 
> though ;-)). The reformatting looks great indeed. I just have my doubts 
> about this being a core task for ant, it's the code base that should be nice 
> (in cvs or whatever system you may use), not the compiled code in Ant, 
> unless the output of an ant build (ehh task I should say) is source (in this 
> case formatted). 
> My defenitition of the Ant core is that ant should do everything in it's 
> power to get my complete system online, based on parameters or "tasks" I 
> define. In my opinion reformatting sourcecode is not part of that core. 
> I'm not doubting the quality of the JavaStyle system, just if it is core 
> task.. 

Stuart Roebuck                        
Lead Developer                               Java, XML, MacOS X, XP, etc.
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