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From Stuart Roebuck <>
Subject [Suggestion][New Task] Coding Standards / Code 'Beautifier'
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 17:49:02 GMT
This is a cross-post from a discussion on the jakarta-james discussion list.

This has received a fairly welcome response from that list, but obviously it relates to Ant,
so could anyone who matters let me know whether this is of interest, and whether I should
pursue it.


> Following this post I've been doing some investigating. 
> The code editing package jEdit <> uses an optional

> JavaStyle plugin which automatically enforces most coding standards and can be 
> configured to various preferences. (By enforces, I mean that it automatically 
> reformats code to meet a standard, and can automatically do so on a whole directory of

> source code.) The engine behind this is a PrettyPrinter by Chris Seguin which is part
of a 
> collection of Java source code refactoring tools (JRefactory) 
> <>.  This code is currently GPLd. 
> I have had a brief correspondence with Chris to see what his reaction would be to the
idea of 
> incorporating his code into Ant (and therefore expanding the license - if my 
> understanding of licenses is correct).  His response has been quite open so far. 
> My thought is, if we could add this tool to Ant we could provide an automated mechanism
> conforming any Apache project to a particular coding standard (including dealing with

> those nasties like tabs vs. spaces).  The PrettyPrinter code also includes facilities

> for producing default Javadoc comments for uncommented code matching particular 
> criteria (e.g. only public methods..).  This kind of automated conformance seems such
> nice idea for open source development. 
> What would your reaction be to this idea?  Is it worth pursuing or have I missed some

> practical limitation? 
> Stuart. 

If these seems generally a good idea, would anyone like to suggest an appropriate task name
and determine whether it should be optional or not.

I would propose "JavaStyle" as the task name, but, given its potential in open source development
I'd be inclined to suggestion non-optional (assuming the license issues are resolvable).




Stuart Roebuck                        
Lead Developer                               Java, XML, MacOS X, XP, etc.
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