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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: New build process???
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2001 03:22:58 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:

> At 09:21  22/1/01 -0800, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:
> >I'm not an Ant committer, so I don't have a useful vote here, but Tomcat (and
> >several other Jakarta subprojects) are facting the same basic issues, and it
> >would be nice to see some commonality in how the subprojects organize their
> >build processes.
> +1000 ;)
> One of the biggest complaints when I tried to push various apache java web
> technologies on people was that there was no standard build process.
> >My personal preference is that the "dist" subdirectory would contain an exact
> >image of the files you would package into a "binary distribution" -- such
> as for
> +0.9
> For all the projects I develope I have both a dist-lite and a dist
> directory. dist is a full binary image and the -lite version is the binary
> image minus documentation. That way you can use dist-lite as your default
> target and everything still runs reasonably well.

In Tomcat (and several other projects I'm involved in), the "build" directory
serves this purpose ... it is designed so that developers can turn around more
quickly after a compile cycle without having to waste the time to create a
complete release directory structure.  This is the default build target, and you
have to ask for the "dist" target explicitly.

I don't know if we need any mandated guidelines about such things ... it's the
"dist" target I would like to see codified across subprojects.

> >Other common conventions/guidelines could be added to this, if considered
> >desireable -- for example, if your subproject creates executable shell
> scripts,
> >then go in "dist/bin", library JAR files produced by the subproject (as
> opposed
> >to used in creating it) go into "dist/lib", and so on.  Such conventions
> would
> >make cross project dependencies much easier to deal with.
> +1
> I would also like to see some conventions in the base tree. For instance in
> base tree you would have
> build.[sh|bat]
> build.xml
> src/[x]/**     where x is a dimension either by form (java/sql/conf) or
> content
>                (shared, core, optional)
> tools/bin/*    all scripts used in *build* proces but not during deploy
> (except
>                for build.[sh|bat])
> tools/lib/*    libraries used during build but not deployed (ie stylebook/ant)

These all make sense to me.

> >I don't see any reason to impose any Jakarta-wide restrictions on the
> internal
> >contents of the "build" subdirectory, other than a convention that if your
> >subproject utilizes such a thing, it should reside in a subdirectory called
> >"build".
> Right - the only issue is that some projects (velocity/turbin/jetspeed) use
> build to denote build scripts atm.

As above, I don't think we need to say anything about "dist-lite" or "build" type
targets, as long as the "dist" target is a constant.


> >What do you think?
> +1
> I was going to wait till the tinderbox thingie becomes more solidified
> which would allow a use case to be described and thus more likely to
> convince people to use it ;)

I think Sam's already been using it for that purpose :-).

> Cheers,
> Pete


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