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From Ioan Mitrea <>
Subject Re: aspectJ task ?
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 13:19:42 GMT

So, as far as I understand, in the current code, I would have to add an file
in the compilers package which would extend DefaultCompilerAdaptor.
Basicallly I can copy paste the code from the Javac12 or Javac13
adaptors with a few changes if the command line options  supported by
and javac are different. Did I get it right ?

The <javac> task uses the build.compiler property to get a
CompilerAdaptor and that property is set for  
the whole project file, there is no way to reset it to another value for
the scope of a certain target.
So that means that I am "stuck" with the same compiler for all the java
files in my tree ?

If I want, for some wierd reason, to compiler part of some tree with a
different compiler than the rest,
then I have to do it in 2 steps, with two different project files: In
the first project I compile some files with javac
then I change the build.compiler property in and then I
run thesecond project in which
i define another fileset attribute for the javac target and i use ajc as
loaded from build.compiler/

Does this make sense, or I just have to get 2 separate complete trees ,
one compiled with javac and one witj ajc ?


Diane Holt wrote:
> --- Ioan Mitrea <> wrote:
> > Should I write a task which extends the <javac> task with an attribute
> > which can point to ajc or javac?
> > Or should the javac task itself be modified to support this ?
> Depends on whether you're running Ant 1.2 or latest CVS. In Ant 1.2, you'd
> add the 'ajc' support to (see the 'jikes' and 'jvc' compilers
> for examples). For latest CVS, the <javac> task has been reworked to allow
> other compiler support in a different way -- see both and the
> "compilers" subdirectory, in:
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