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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: jakarta-ant/src/script ant ant.bat antRun antRun.bat lcp.bat
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2001 08:57:19 GMT
At 05:10  23/1/01 +1100, Conor MacNeill wrote:
>I have a few quick comments.
>You have removed the junit.jar. 

oops ! ;)

>Since you had championed it in the first
>place, I find that curious. I also find the taskdef'ing of the junit task
>odd. It is part of the ant definitions anyway.

The problem is that junit.jar is not part of the primordial classloader and
thus unless we go jdk1.2+ specific with a context classloader there is no
way for the junit task to see junit.jar at that point. We could make it
part of the primordial classloader but that potential brings in a whole
bunch of other pain. The base build is extremely controlled in what it can
acces to avoid miscompiling basically.

>The install targets have gone. I used these to promote a build from my
>development area into my standard ANT_HOME area. Since I both develop and
>use ant I want to control over that. In other words ANT_HOME is NOT my
>development area. I think being able to install like this is a good thing
>and is common practice in make based projects (make install, etc)

right. The way it should be done now is below and it will install it bu
default (minus the docs) -Ddist.dir=/my/install/dir 

>The release targets have all gone. I presume replaced by the dist target.

yep - thats the intention.

>The dist target creates the distribution files in the ant "root" directory.
>I would prefer in a separate directory for easier distribution/uploading.

suggestions ? How about if it is controlled by a property "dist.base" ???
then all the distributions (tar/zipped/bin/src) would go there. If someone
contributes an RPM we could even make it automagically go there ;)

>The naming of the files is not in line with the previous build script nor
>the website.

Partially deliberate I completely forgot about src distribution so I
removed the postfix. I added back in postfix (-src/-bin) and readded prefix
(jakarta-) thou I think it is better to embed version in it.

>The paths in the distribution start with "dist". Previous practice was to
>have this in the root directory. I think having a path is good, but I don't
>think it should be "dist". For example Tomcat 4.0's nightly binary build has
>everything under "jakarta-tomcat-4.0"

Okays done. When creating a distribution it will go under that name. SO to
create a dist you can go full-dist

This will create zip/tgz bin files and a zip src file (can't do tar as it
breaks the 100 char limit) of name jakarta-ant-${version}-[bin|src].*. It
will be created in the directory specified by dist.base so you can overide
it by


or whatever.

>There are no source distributions. These need to be prepared with the
>appropriate fixcrlf applied.

done. I stripped ^Ms for zip thou as win users have a better time dealing
with lack of ^M than *nix users with presence of ^M ;)

>I'll have a better look later on.

kewl ;)


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