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Subject [PATCH] buildnumber task
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2001 14:45:49 GMT
Enclosed is a "build number" task, which will generate a property file with
(presumably) a build number, as well as generating a property for use
similar to <tstamp />.

The classname is
The available properties are:

dir (defaulted to ".") - the directory to store the property file in
propertyfile (defaulted to "") - the file to store the
properties in
property (defaulted to "build.number") - the property to store the build
number in

The property file is rewritten, which means comments get lost - but no data
does, so you can store multiple properties into one file if you so desire.
The environment property is named the same as the property attribute value,

<buildnumber dir="${build}" property="build.number"
propertyfile="" />
<jar jarfile="${rel.dir}/${name}-${TSTAMP}-${build.number}.jar"
     basedir="${build.dir}" />

works quite well.

The apache source license applies, and is included in the source; I've
attached the source class as well as a jar containing the full build as it
is on my system.

Feel free to comment/reject/whatever -- just let me know, as I'll turn it
over to a different bosy (opensymphony) if ant doesn't want to integrate it.

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