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From Mark Wielaard <>
Subject Re: [Coding Standards] Apache licence and GPL compatible?
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2001 23:01:38 GMT

On Fri, Jan 19, 2001 at 07:24:26AM +1100, Peter Donald wrote:
> yep 100%. GPL can not use APL and APL can not use GPL. I heard that this
> will change with APL1.3 and GPL3 but no one has been able to confirm or
> deny this ;)

This was hinted on by Brain Behlendorf last month on debian-legal

> I'm working with Stallman now on modifying the Apache license in such a
> way to make it GPL compatible, since I believe fundamentally our
> philosophies are compatible.  Ask most people who BSD or Apache license
> their code if they feel that GPL advocates should be able to use their
> code, most will say yes.  If I get as far as a draft this'll be one place
> I float it.

I hope they can come to an agreement.

> >I hasten to say that he goes on to say:
> >
> >> I might just start releasing it with a Apache license 
> >> instead. 
> >>  
> >> Also, I'm excited!  I got Ant to work today!!!! 
> You could ask him to dual license it (GPL/APL) or you could ask him to
> place it under BSD (which both APL and GPL can use). 

It is important to note that (modern) BSD does not have the advertisment
and/or trademark clauses that the APL has which makes the APL incompatible
with the GPL. But a license without those clauses (APL 3, 5 and 6) is
completely compatible with both the APL and the GPL. An example can be
found <>. Such a license
should make both GPL and APL fanatics happy.



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