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From Brian Deitte <>
Subject why does P4Base work?
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 21:16:34 GMT
Hi all, I'm trying to write some JRun tasks for Ant so JRun can work better
with this super-cool project, and ran into a snag.  

There's a bit of shared code between the JRun tasks, so I put it in a
JRunBase Task which all other tasks extend.  I borrowed this idea from
P4Base.  Unfortunately, my *Base doesn't work.  It seems that project isn't
getting defined in the Task that P4Base extends.  

While I can think of a way around this, I'm more wondering why project isn't
getting defined in JRunBase, but does in P4Base.  This same pattern seems to
work in P4Base without doing anything special... or is there some kind of
trickery I missed?

Thanks, Brian

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