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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject Changes to new build process
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2001 13:04:31 GMT

I have made a few changes to the new build process.

The construct
    <zip zipfile="${dist.base}/${}"
would fail for values of "dist.dir" which are not a simple directory.
Absolute paths and paths containing a / will fail to work as expected. I
have moved the building of distribution zips out of dist into a bin-dist
target, called from the full-dist target. I think that is reasonable.

There are some remaining issues to think about:

Ant's Exec/Execute code expects ant.home/bin to contain the scripts ant
uses at runtime to launch external commands. As the bootstrap process no
longer creates a bin directory, any such tasks used in the ant build (such
as chmod) may fail. It may work, depending on how far into building it
happens, but it is a danger, IMHO. This may also be a problem with the using ant.home if installing into an empty directory. I was
tempted to introduce a ant.install.dir value to keep it distinct from

total-clean does not remove dist directory. Not a big deal

If you do a "build install" and it happens that you need to do a bootstrap,
the bootstrap will end up calling build.bat and perform an install into "."


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