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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject [VOTE] Ant 1.3 release plan
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 11:26:04 GMT
I would like to call for a vote to define the release plan for version 1.3
of Ant.

Let me start by acknowledging that the voting rules for Jakarta are
currently being refined, as a result of the PMC meeting. I have not yet
seen the minutes of the meeting so I don't know the extent of those
discussions. If anyone wants to wait for the voting procedure work to be
complete, or for the PMC minutes to be available, I think a -1 to that
effect will be sufficient to postpone the vote on this release plan.

With that caveat, I propose a period of 2 weeks from now during which
additional features can be added to Ant 1.3. During this time I would also
like to see the majority of open bugs in BugRat addressed. If you want to
jump in and help with that, you can access the current reports here

The timeline* of the release would be:

5th February:
I will build a release candidate: 1.3rc1. I propose two weeks of testing,
during which minor bug fixes could be applied. There may be additional
release candidates built in this period. There will be a CVS freeze
(voluntary) for this time.

19th February:
I will call for a formal vote to accept the latest release candidate code
as the Ant 1.3 codebase.

21st February
Presuming it goes ahead, I will tag and build Ant 1.3. The optional.jar
file will be put together over the following week. The CVS tree will once
again be available for commits. As has been previous practice, I will then
change the version number in CVS to Ant 1.4alpha. This does not imply that
there will be an Ant 1.4 release or what such a release may contain. That
decision would be the subject of a future vote.

I do not propose to include the Antidote GUI in this release.

I volunteer to be the release manager for this release.

Henri, I have copied you here to give you a heads-up for building the
necessary RPMs. Have you thought of an ant task for that ? :-)

I will start the vote with my +1 to all aspects.


(*) The dates are based on my timezone. For many of you, therefore, these
events would occur a day earlier.

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