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From "Jason Rosenberg" <>
Subject Got a jspc task working with WL 510....
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2001 07:55:20 GMT
If anyone is interested, I have worked on a version of the wljspc task
for WebLogic 510, and done some preliminary testing.  Essentially,
the amount of testing I've done is to get it work for me, within my
build environment.

I started with the version posted to this group by Jack Moffitt a month
ago, or so, and went from there.  I converted it to extend MatchingTask
instead of Java, and added and removed a few of the settable attributes.
By using the MatchingTask, it is able to take advantage of the
implicit FileSet features.

I am calling it WLJspc510, so as not to be confused with the current
WLJspc task.  The current optional WLJspc task is apparently only
tested for WebLogic 4.5.1, which I don't have access to, and which
apparently doesn't share all the same options with Weblogic 5.1.0.
So, it might be best to have 2 jspc compilers in the optional.jar
distribution, one for 4.5.1 and one for 5.1.0.....

It allows compiling en masse a bunch of jsp files, which allows one
to catch up front any potential jsp compile errors (without having to
fire up the weblogic server and actually hit it with a browser request).
It also allows a jsp deployment to be pre-compiled, such that the
server won't need to re-compile the code the first time it is hit with
a request (which often brings the server to its knees, and causes
significant delay to the user, and sometimes even causes http timeouts,
depending on your weblogic proxy server plugin config).

Anyway, I've tested it with Weblogic 510, Service Pack 8.  There is
apparently a bug in versions prior to Service Pack 8 which caused
weblogic to recompile the jsp files, even if they were already pre-compiled.
This is fixed in sp8.

Another strange bug (or is it a feature), is that the jspc -docroot flag doesn't
seem to be working correctly in Weblogic 510, which makes it fail to
include files that are specified with an <%@ include file ....%> directive.
It turns out that a work around is to not use the -docroot flag, and instead
include any file you want to be included in the classpath (setClasspath()).
This workaround only works if you don't specify the -docroot flag, so I
have removed the setDocroot flag.

I haven't tested all the features that Jack originally included.  Also, I have
not tested it with taglibs.

Also, I have only tested it as instantiated via JavaScript (using the <script>
task).  I haven't tested it as occuring within a build.xml file directly as
part of a <wljspc510> tag, etc.

So there is probably a lot of work that would need to be done to get this
tested enough to be included in the Ant 1.3 optional.jar release.
Unfortunately, I probably don't have time to do any more work than
I already have on this, at present.


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