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From Nick Pellow <>
Subject Re: [submit] A build sound alert Task
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2000 00:05:20 GMT

KC Baltz wrote:
> I'm a bit confused as to the usage. (BTW, I love the fact that you can have
> a continuous background sound for your build.  

Sorry, I do have the code for that, but I did not send it as I thought
it not as
important/useful as the build alert! (I must have left the comment in

I'm going to look for a .wav
> with construction noises like saws and hammers :)
> Here you say it can only play sounds when the <b>build</b> is successful.
> > Attached is a new Task that provides a sound alert for the user
> > for certain BuildEvents. Currently, it can play sounds
> > (I have only tested it with .aiff and .wav formats) when a build is
> > succesful or a different one when a build fails.
> >
> But here, it's inside a <target>, which makes me think the sound depends on
> the success of the <target>, not the <project>.

I add it to the project:

then I start a new Thread, which runs until
public void buildFinished(BuildEvent event)
is called.

As long as the <sound> task is defined in a target somewhere, it's
will run until the end of the build to alert the user.
> > an example:
> > <target name="code">
> >     <sound>
> >        <success source="laser1.aif" loops="0"/>
> >        <fail source="ohno.wav" loops="2"/>
> >     </sound>
> Thanks for writing this;  it should help me get back to work sooner after a
> build finishes.
> K.C.

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