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From Matthew Kuperus Heun <>
Subject Re: jlink question - take 2
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2000 01:58:59 GMT

jlink is supposed to do what you propose.  What is it not doing 
right?  What are the symptoms of the failure?

You may be having trouble with manifest entries because there are 
some hacks to deal with those.  And, working with compressed files 
could be improved.  Let us know your details.



P.S.  I submitted the task based on code written by Patrick Beard. 
Both Patrick and I would be pleased to see others cleaning and 
improving jlink.

>Several weeks ago I posed a question about jlink, but never got
>an answer, so let me try again...
>Suppose I have two jars: A.jar, B.jar
>I can "unjar" A.jar and B.jar into a temp
>directory, then "jar" the temp directory
>to create "C.jar" that is the merge of A.jar
>and B.jar
>Or, I can use jlink task and merger them.
>But, when I use jlink I don't get the same thing
>as the "unjar  - jar" combination.
>Am I mis-understanding what jlink is supposed
>to do?



Matthew Kuperus Heun
Global Aerospace Corporation
+1 (978) 922-7115 (voice & fax)

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