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From Matthew Kuperus Heun <>
Subject Documentation suggestion [Was: OS detection: am I missing the obvious?]
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2000 13:36:36 GMT

>This is not saying Ant was perfect and complete and so on, but many
>things that come up (maybe I just haven't seen the good examples yet)
>could be solved by tasks instead of control structures built into Ant.

Perhaps these "things that could be solved by tasks instead of 
control structures" should be listed and summarized in the docs. 
Something like a scripter's guide to ant that is formatted like:

If you want to test a property for a known set of value do this:

At 8:02 PM -0800 08/11/2000, John Hempe wrote:
>  >  <property name="prop.${prop}" value="true" />
>>  assumming the possible values for "prop" are "a", "b", "c"; you
>>  can now do:
>>    <target .... if="prop.a" />
>>    <target .... if="prop.b" />
>>    <target .... if="prop.c" />

and so on.  That way, (a) we can save bandwidth on ant-dev by saying 
"This is an FAQ.  Check the docs." and (b) all these good suggestions 
can be collected in one place, rather than having to cull ant-dev 
archives for them.




Matthew Kuperus Heun
Global Aerospace Corporation
+1 (978) 922-7115 (voice & fax)

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