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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: JARs in CVS (was Re: On voting rules)
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 10:27:43 GMT
Jon Stevens <> wrote:

> on 11/29/2000 12:48 AM, "Stefan Bodewig" <> wrote:
>> and (2) support the lazy developer - Pete's words - by shipping as
>> many required libraries as possible.
> I wouldn't call someone who simply wants to fix one bug in Ant
> without having to download a bazillion .jar files from all over the
> place "lazy."

Like I said, I was quoting Pete.

>> (1) What you have proposed (the CJAN idea, right?) has some
>> connection to Ant, but I personally see it as something separate.

> Actually, I think that this list is the perfect place for this. This
> list is about our (the Jakarta Project's) primary build
> system. Given that a CJAN would be integrated into Ant and the
> people who are interested in Ant are also interested in build
> systems, I think this is the perfect place.

We'll have to agree that we disagree. IMHO CJAN should use Ant, but
not be integrated into Ant. It's yet another frontend for Ant like
Antidote is and like the others that have been proposed when Duncan
shared his vision of AntEater.

>> (2) Conor said he liked the idea and was willing to help. Stating
>> that "absolutely no one from the community has volunteered to step
>> up" is wrong.
> Ok, I haven't gotten one request to modify the .xml file that I
> placed up on the Jakarta site. A statement of being willing to help
> is a hell of a lot different than someone actually sending me a
> patch or code or whatever.

Concluding that nobody was willing to contribute, only because you
didn't receive some type of code withing the first 24 or 30 hours
after your proposal, might be a little premature. 8-)

>> I know you are a very active guy, contributing to a lot of
>> projects, but - don't get me wrong - you're not the only one being
>> busy with other things.
> True, but I also think that there must be at least 1 or 2 other
> people out there who might be able to take some of their free time
> and devote it to something like this.

This is the story behind open source, isn't it? If your project is
interesting enough it will attract developers, the community will grow
and you'll end up with something great. 

Personally I see a lot of overlap between your CJAN idea and Alexandria
- the stuff I know Jeff Martin is working on - and was prepared to
invest more time there. Unfortunately I'm running out of "free time to
devote" for anything ATM, sorry.

>> Remember we've been talking about Ant, we still are on ant-dev. I
>> can't remember you committing any JAR at all and if the Turbine
>> community decides they'd prefer to have the JAR in there CVS, fine.
> I disagree that this is just about Ant. Think bigger picture here.

Yes and no. The CJAN idea fits a bigger picture, but initially the
question was whether we (the Ant community) want JARs in CVS or
not. IMHO this is up to the community, Ant's as well as Turbine's.


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