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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [patch] rough Telnet Remote Command Task
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2000 15:04:23 GMT

you've mentioned on ant-user that you already had some changes to this
submission, could you please repost you new version?

Improvements I would want to see:

*) make the port number an attribute (with default 23)

*) multiple lines of input (using a nested #PCDATA section and the
   addText(String) method).

*) Make the login/password thing customizable. This task could be used
   for many protocols sitting on top of telnet, like POP3 - where there
   wouldn't be any prompt (but you'd have to say USER username and
   PASS password) - or even protocols without authentication.

*) I'm not familiar with the NetComponents classes at all, can we have
   something like "read a line" instead of a given prompt? This would
   be useful in contexts like SMTP or NNTP. Well, maybe using expect
   and JACL would be better here.

nothing of which must be done before it gets committed (well, I'd
probably patch it to make the port customizable myself).


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