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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Javac, Jikes and java 1.1-1.3
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 16:58:13 GMT
Matthew Dornquast <> wrote:

> Q: Can I use Jikes to compile my code for Java 1.1, Java 1.2 and
> Java 1.3?

Yes, yes and yes. With the added benefit, that jikes will show the
same bugs for any JDK while the different javacs will have different
bugs 8-).

Actually jikes will do some better checking than javac does,
especially it won't generate bytecode that is invalid for JDK 1.3 as
the javac of JDK 1.1 does.

> I imagine an Ant build script where I do "developer builds" with
> jikes-- which screams, and javac with full optimizations on/debug
> off for production build/release.

Well, currently all you'd have to do is turning build.compiler to
jikes or modern/classic if you feel so inclined. Personally I don't
have any problems with using jikes for production code as well.


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