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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] jar distribution system
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2000 23:55:15 GMT
On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Jose  Alberto Fernandez wrote:

> Conor, these are good questions, however, as with ANT
> I think we need to start with something, maybe not perfect,
> maybe not covering every single aspect of the humongous
> problem of software installation, but that at least
> gives a starting point to the issues.
> To answer some of your questions, I see the were to install
> issue divided in two parts:
> 1) The specification of a product and its dependencies.
> This is what these XML descriptions provide.
> Here I think we may think on two types of dependencies:
> a) Libraries, these are things that need to be available
> and accessible during the execution of the product.
> b) Other separate products reqired in the environment.
> Fot example, TOMCAT "requires" ANT to be build, but not
> as a library. If I do an exec of some application, I do not
> need to have it installed as part of this one, I just need
> to have it available in the system (in my executables PATH).

That's a useful distinction to make. I'm firmly in the "put jars in CVS"
camp, and with private projects, I have /lib for compile-time jars, and
src/lib for runtime jars. Compile-time jars then include things like
ant.jar, servlet2.2.jar, junit.jar, etc, and don't get packaged during



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