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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant/lib - New directory
Date Mon, 27 Nov 2000 22:22:47 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> You may want to have a look at a message that Stefano Mazzocchi
> sent  to cocoon-dev list on what it takes to be a successful
> free/open source software project. Basically it crystalized into
> three factors;
> 1. low cost of entry
> 2. good ideas
> 3. bad implementation

I agree with this.  I'm not sure how this relates to the subject line,

Low cost of entry = click on a URL and get everything you need.  Or run a
system such as the one that Jon described in a recent email.

An example of high cost of entry is checking in an XML parser which may be
incompatible with other products one may be using.

My two cents: pulling together a coherent set of binaries and associated
source that is certified to work together is a GOOD THING.  If you would
like to check them into a frozen branch then that would be OK too.

Mixing snapshots from discrete points in time and a moving baseline is not.

> Compare the projects Turbine, Cocoon and BSF.

Not enough data points.

> BSF has a higher cost of entry and has good code

Actually, all that indicates is that I haven't had enough time to do the
job right.

- Sam Ruby

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