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Subject Re: A VAJ Ant article on VADD
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2000 14:00:10 GMT

Yeah, it still imports everything.  Which isn't that big a deal when you
work solely in VAJ, but when I'm exporting the updated source to check it
back into the Ant CVS repository, it can really screw up the formatting.
Well, mostly it insists on replacing spaces with tabs to get the proper
indentation, no matter what options you set.  So the diffs are huge, which
is pointless.  When I'm working on Ant, I tend to work in another, text
based editor.  However, for custom tasks at work, I do tend to work in VAJ.
Ok, so thats the down side. :-)

On the up side, I do like the interactive debugger.  When I see a mistake
I've made, I can change the code immediately in the debugger and start
stepping again from the start of that method.

Glenn McAllister
Software Developer. IBM Toronto Lab, (416) 448-3805
"An approximate answer to the right question is better than the
right answer to the wrong question." - John W. Tukey

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Subject:  Re: A VAJ Ant article on VADD

On 11/14/00 1:03 PM, "" <> wrote:

> This is probably geared more towards new Ant developers than the hard
> guys.  Not that many of the hard core guys seem to use VAJ. :-) You've
> warned.

I wanted to once upon a time -- but when I tried it, VAJ insisted on
importing all the source code into it's repository. Does it still do that?

James Duncan Davidson
                                                                  !try; do

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