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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant/lib - New directory
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2000 03:40:31 GMT
> No, not ignored. A -1 has to have a good reason and/or
> replacement. Just saying that you are going to -1 someone
> and not provide a way to accomplish the end goal isn't
> good enough IMHO.

I have given ample reasons - it may very well be true that you don't agree
with them, but I have given them.  I thought the process was that "No veto
can be overruled. If you disagree with the veto, you should lobby he person
who cast the veto."  It you don't believe me, check out

> Why inflict major change on the projects? Of course you aren't
> going to get a positive response if all of the projects have to
> completely re-write everything they do just to work.

When I started, Cocoon 2 prereqed an API which was a proposed DOM2 API
which never made it into the standard.  It was supported in a few backlevel
versions of Xerces and no other parsers.  At the time, most versions of
Xerces did not work with most versions of Xalan.  I had to make or lobby
for changes to Stylebook, FOP and other projects.

And I haven't begun to figure out how to deal with projects such as
JetSpeed, which depend on cocoon 1.  I would love to run JetSpeed, Cocoon,
and PHP together, but PHP's integration with Cocoon is based on Cocoon 2...

Note that these changes were not to the build process, but to the code
itself.  But without access to the code nor finding people willing to
listen, I grew weary of the struggle.

- Sam Ruby

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