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From "Erik Meade" <>
Subject Skipping tasks
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 03:13:53 GMT
I'm wondering about allowing tasks to be "skipped" if the tasks they are
dependent on do nothing.  Lets say I have three targets, A, B, and C.  C
is dependent on A and B.  A compiles my source files to a classes
directory, B copies over the manifest and/or the deployment descriptor C
jars them up. If A doesn't compile any files and B doesn't copy over the
files because they haven't changed, I would prefer that C not jar.

If memory serves me correctly having the jar task verify all the dates
doesn't get you much until you have a large number of files, but it seems
to me maybe there would be a way to "infer" that since A and B did
nothing, C should do nothing too?

Anyway to do this now?  Any reason someone shouldn't try to add this 
functionality if it doesn't already exists?

Erik Meade

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