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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Jars in CVS ??
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2000 21:01:59 GMT
on 11/24/2000 12:20 PM, "Sam Ruby" <> wrote:

> People who work primarily on one project don't care how hard it is to work
> on multiple projects.  That is the fundamental disconnect here I think.  To
> take an extreme example - if Ant were to bundle the "wrong" XML parser in
> CVS, that would make it difficult for a number of developers.

Why would it make it difficult? In other words, someone downloads the
version of Ant from CVS that they want and it knows to build itself using
that particular XML parser because it is the "recommended" parser by the
developers of Ant. It won't affect anything else.

> Having gone through this discussion quite a few times, one thing everybody
> agrees upon is that it should always be possible to download everything one
> needs to get up and running with a pre-certified configuration from a
> single button click from a web page.

Yes, I believe that should happen for a release of the software.

> Where people begin to differ is that somehow this situation which somehow
> easy enough for the most novice of end users is somehow too difficult for
> the type of developers that one wishes to attract to the project.  This
> argument I can't follow.

Because you are assuming that there are releases of the software.

> Returning  back to Ant, remember that pretty much every user of Ant is a
> developer of some other project.  What I would like people to consider
> before including a jar file in Ant's CVS is whether or not it is likely
> that *every* project which depends on Ant is likely to work well with that
> particular version of that particular JAR file in one's class path.

Sure. I think that is reasonable and I'm not suggesting against that.


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