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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Javac, Jikes and java 1.1-1.3
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 02:07:44 GMT
on 11/14/2000 5:42 PM, "Peter Donald" <> wrote:

> Could you describe the particular problem as I have never had the problem.

Go download Turbine and try to compile it with Jikes. Turbine is based on
Ant build scripts so it should be easy for you to do this. :-)


Just grab a daily snapshot.

> Ages ago jikes use to break on some non-complient files and the best way
> to figure out what is causing the problem is to run jikes in pedantic mode.
> It is quite an eye opener as you will most likely find a lot of places
> where your code goes against the spec or at least goes against
> recomendations and it is quite irritating. That may help get jikes working.

I doubt it. It is clearly a dependency issue. The problem is that there is a
lot of classes in Turbine that have circular dependencies on classes in
other packages. ie:

/fooA/ has a reference to /fooB/ which has a reference
back to /fooA/

Jikes handles the case where the files are in the same package just fine,
but it doesn't handle the above case well at all.

This is, as far as I know, perfectly legal Java code.

Like I said, it is only a minor annoyance because once the code is compiled
with javac one time, future compiles with Jikes work just fine. That in
itself solidifies the fact that this is a dependency issue because the
.class files exist already.

FYI, here is the bug that I submitted on Feb 15, 2000:


I would update it to include a more valid URL, but I can't figure out how to
do that cause it only allows me to login as guest. :-(

A perfect example of the bug in action is this bug report:


Also, running it again doesn't work in the Turbine case because there are so
many circular dependencies that Jikes just can't manage it. Changing the
order is out of the question given that we are using Ant. Adding full paths
to the import statements could fix the problem, but I'm sorry...that is a
lame fix.

There are several other dependency issues listed here:


So, until this issue is resolved in Jikes, I'm a STRONG -1 on making portion
of Ant use Jikes by default.

I hope that clarifies things for you. :-)

p.s. Sam, how about getting some IBM support on this little issue? :-) I
would try to fix the bug, but I looked at the source code and my very
limited knowledge of C++ really prevents me from being much help. :-(


twice of not very much is still a lot more than not very much

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