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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject beanshell
Date Sat, 11 Nov 2000 20:15:46 GMT
hey all,

i'm new to the list, but i have actually got some of my code in Ant so i'm
not new to Ant by any means.

Since i'm new to the list, i'm not sure what sort of discussion has already
happened around adding BeanShell support to Ant. Can anyone catch me up real


If no discussion has happened, I would like to propose that we add BeanShell
support to Ant. What I would like to do is essentially use BeanShell as a
replacement for the complex .sh/.bat files that we have to use to go along
with execution of Ant.

Ant and BeanShell essentially overlap in functionality quite a bit, so, I'm
not really proposing even making a BeanShell Task, although I think that
might be a good idea in the future for people who might want to execute
their stuff as BeanShell Script vs. Ant .xml syntax.

The real problem that I'm having now is that the .sh and .bat files are a
real pain in the ass to manage and are not easily re-usable and I would like
to move the code that is in those files off to something that is a bit more
cross platform portable, like BeanShell.

Essentially, we could replace 99% of what is in the .sh and .bat files with
something like this:


Where the contents of the .sh and .bat files would then be "ported" over to
BeanShellScript language.

I'm also willing to spend some 2am coding time on working on this as this is
a real problem for me...

Comments? Flames? Suggestions?


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