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From "Siberski, Wolf" <>
Subject RE: [submit] Integration of Ant into Visual Age for Java
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 16:48:01 GMT
Glenn McAllister wrote:
> I'm checking out your plugin now.  Its looking pretty good, but I've found
> the following nits:
>    The install instructions need a lot more detail.  I had to import the
>    three plugin .java files to the IDE, and the rest of the VAJ*.java
>    files, then export them to the ide/tools/org-apache-tools-ant

What I was trying to describe was a way to install Ant as tool
without having to import it into your Workspace.
Most of our VA users won't want to change Ant; they
just need a way to deploy their applications.
At the moment it doesn't work the way I described it,
because my classes aren't in the distribution, but
when they get into the (binary) distribution, shouldn't
it suffice to extract the ant.jar and some XML parser into 
the ide/tools/org-apache-tools-ant directory?
Anyway it's a good idea to include the import->export 
approach as a second way to install the tool.

>    The file vajanttool.ini doesn't exist.  The default.ini file was in the
>    doc directory and had to be copied over to the org-apache-tools-ant
>    directory.

My fault. I'm now considering to put the default.ini content in
the manual and advising the user to create a new default.ini with
that content. What do You think?

>    The gui only shows you targets that have descriptions.

That was intentional, but I forgot to document it.

> The logger doesn't trap System.out, so echo messages go to 
> the Console, not the log window.

We didn't want to put too much effort into the GUI.
Would documenting this bug be enough :-)?

Thanks for Your feedback!


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