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From "Siberski, Wolf" <>
Subject [submit] Integration of Ant into Visual Age for Java
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 13:57:07 GMT
A colleague (Christoph Wilhelms) and me
wrote a small PlugIn for Visual Age for Java,
which exploits the VAJ Tool API to integrate
Ant into this IDE.
Our tool contains a small GUI which is not
meant to compete with Antidote:
- it provides only very restricted functionality
  (selecting a build file and a target, starting
   the build)
- it is written with AWT to get it running on 
  VAJ 3.02 (JDK1.1 based) and 3.5 (Java2 based)

The zip file attached contains the source code,
a small documentation, and a configuration file
for the VAJ integration. I'm not sure where the
files should go: on the one hand they don't
really belong to ..taskdefs.optional.ide
(where they are at the moment), because it isn't 
a task. OTOH it doesn't seem worth it to create 
a new root for them as for Antidote.

The tool runs fine here, but the installation
instructions aren't tested yet and probably not
detailed enough. Feedback is appreciated!


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