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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject RE: Proposed Revolution: AntEater (a proposal for Ant Core 2.0)
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 02:03:42 GMT

To me ANTEATER should consist of just the following:

 <property/> //reluctantly

The core should not assume the existance of any task and every task
should be expressable with the services provided by CORE.

This means having a meaninful resolution of how magic properties work today
(i.e., "build.compiler").
It also means eliminating the magic "" files and moving
to tasklib definitions containing <taskdef> and <datadef> definitions.

<property>s I would like to just be considered as a <datadef> with no
capabilities, but I am not sure how "${}" expansion could be implemented.
Maybe "${}" should act on IDs and just consider as just
way to register an ID. With that "${x}" expansion is not more than the
toString() operation applied to the object whose ID is "x".

but I degress... The point is to give <taskdef> and <datadef> enough
expresive power such that there is no magic required for anything else.

Jose Alberto

> -----Original Message-----
> From: James Duncan Davidson []
> Sent: Monday, November 13, 2000 4:33 PM
> To:
> Subject: Proposed Revolution: AntEater (a proposal for Ant Core 2.0)
> I'm going to start this mail with the admission that I've 
> been in and out of
> this list too much over the past year. Ant started out as an 
> idea on an
> airplane that got refactored a few times before coming to Apache. It
> actually was open sourced just a tad too early imho and could 
> have dealt
> with a bit more rigor. Unfortunately, I haven't made the time 
> that I've
> wanted to deal with Ant to this point and instead have been 
> concentrating on
> internal matters at Sun wrt open source and XML specs. Some 
> of you who know
> me personally know about the ins and outs of this. For everyone else,
> suffice it to say that I've been overloaded and distracted. 
> Much gratitude
> is owed on my part to Stefan and Sam and Conor and all of you 
> for continuing
> on just like Open Source should.
> However times they change. My involvement in this project is 
> going to change
> substantially over the next few months. Yes, I've tried to do 
> this before
> and failed. However, this time *will* be different. There are 
> lot of reasons
> for this, some official and some very personal, but primary 
> to this is that
> Ant is getting the attention I always wanted it to get (and 
> never imagined
> to see) and I feel an obligation and a desire to see it 
> through to the next
> level. I've had conversations with some of you about this -- 
> most notably
> Stefan while in London. Also, as I was giving my keynote at ApacheCon
> London, I was thinking to myself how amazing it was that Ant 
> is now getting
> *so* much attention and that it was one of the real gems of 
> The Jakarta
> Project. I also think it's clear that we need one more 
> incompatible change
> -- an Ant 2.0 -- to take us to that next level. And, I've got 
> more than a
> few ideas of how to get there. I've been itching to get them 
> out, but it
> always seems that there is one thing or another blocking my 
> time to do so.
> I've also been contacted by a major publisher that wants to 
> do a book on Ant
> -- I'm not at liberty to discuss what publisher or schedules 
> or anything as
> there isn't a contract yet, but suffice it to say that it would be a
> definitive definition of Ant and how to use it from a major respected
> publisher in the industry. This is an opportunity that I am 
> most likely
> going to pursue, and it -- in combination with working 
> towards an Ant 2.0 --
> is now making ant number 1 on my priority list. And yes, I'd 
> even consider
> taking a leave of absence from my employer to do this -- I 
> think that it's
> that important to me.
> Ok, so enough of the personal story -- here's where it 
> affects this group.
> I'm in the process of writing up a proposal and playing with 
> some source
> code thoughts for "AntEater -- a Proposal for Ant Core 2.0". This is a
> proposal for the core of Ant, and should be a solid base for 
> a GUI and other
> things -- but I'm not going to enter into GUI land with this 
> as there are
> better qualified people here for that if AntEater does get 
> accepted. My
> intention is that the problems that the GUI folks have 
> already seen are
> rectified.
> I'm doing this as "AntEater" as I want to play by the rules 
> that I set down
> in the "Rules for Revolutionaries" document some time back in 
> Tomcat-land.
> Even though I think that I've got the ideas and design to 
> take Ant to 2.0,
> by no means do I think that they are the only way to get 
> there -- and that
> they should trump everyone else's ideas. I'm not so arrogant 
> to say that
> since I wrote ant, I control it's future and what should be 
> called "version
> 2.0"-- that's not true -- it's the group of committers here 
> that controls
> the future of ant.
> So, I'm pulling together my proposal and code base. And I'd 
> be ready to
> release it to you in about a week's time -- except for the 
> fact that I'll be
> out of touch of telephones and the internet from 11/18 
> through 12/2. Given
> that I won't be ready before this happens -- and I want to be 
> present to
> have a dialog about my proposal -- I'll be making it public 
> to this group on
> Monday 12/4. 
> I considered not saying anything about this until I get back 
> into radio
> range -- however, given that there are other discussions 
> about refactoring
> the internal data structures and what should go into a next 
> generation Ant
> -- I wanted to make my intentions, and plan for those 
> intentions, clear. It
> seems like the fair and right thing to do in this case.
> So, when I get back, I'll be making my proposal and I hope 
> that you all will
> consider it as a future direction for Ant. To be clear, if 
> you guys reject
> it, then we *will* play by the rules of the Jakarta Project 
> and I'll keep
> pestering you about it, and will work with others on their 
> ideas as well,
> until we do get to a real, solid, stable Ant 2.0.
> A rough overview of my thoughts that will be in AntEater -- 
> Lots and lots
> more detail will be present in my 12/4 drop:
>     Solidification of the Project/Target/Task hierarchy. This 
> is the core
>     of Ant's model and it should be explicitly locked.
>     A strict definition of the internal object model to 
> enable scripting
>     and GUIs for execution and editing. This object model is 
> a reflection
>     of the build.xml file -- and should be the object model used by
>     the GUI and scripts directly. We shouldn't have multiple 
> object models
>     in place.
>     A clear definition of how scripting (external or inline CDATA)
>     can be used with Ant through the Task interface -- 
> keeping scripting
>     clearly separate and yet making Ant infinitely malleable 
> to scripts.
>     A clear extension mechanism that makes sense on whatever platform
>     Ant is run on. For example, on unix Ant should look in 
> ~/.ant/tasks:
>     /usr/local/ant/tasks:$INSTALL_DIR/optionaltasks. On MacOS 
> X, it should
>     look in places like ~/Library/Ant or some such. On 
> Windows 2K, it should
>     look in \Users\username\etc...
>     A clear mechanism for providing tasks as source code and 
> compiling them
>     on demand into tasks that can be used with the current project.
>     Framework for execution in several modes -- single shot, 
> repeated, and
>     gui activated.
> mechanics so that Ant is distributed in a way 
> that makes since
>     on my new favorite platform of Mac OS X.
>     An optional servlet layer which can access build files 
> and would allow
>     execution of build tasks remotely. This is targeted 
> squarely at setting
>     up build and test farms on a multitude of environments.
> So -- that's my thoughts on AntEater as of right now. I do 
> apologize in
> advance that I'm saying this much now, and then going to wait 
> until 12/4 to
> give the full proposal. However, I'm sure that you will 
> understand that I
> *don't* want to release a proposal, go away for 2 weeks, and 
> then get back
> to a bunch of discussion that went nowhere because I wasn't 
> there. And, I
> have to restate that I didn't think it was fair to sit on this while
> discussions continue about similar subjects on the mailing 
> list. By no means
> should those discussions end. But I thought everyone should 
> know my plans.
> It seems fair at least.
> Comments?
> -- 
> James Duncan Davidson                                        
>     !try; do()

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