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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject RE: Searching for build.xml
Date Tue, 07 Nov 2000 05:54:29 GMT
> From: Jason Dillon []
> Personally I think that all of you who are against this behavior are
> crazy.  I would be insane too if I had to specify the 
> location of my build
> file every time too... so I guess I can understand that a little.

So Jason, how did you manage when using MAKE or some of the other buildtools
that are around? None of those tools have such a searching feature, not that
I know of.

I have not heard on any increase in the insane asylum population due to this

> I have pretty much given up on helping this effort due to the 
> ultra-purist
> nature of the developers.  I tend to consider myself a 
> purist, but you guys
> take the cake.  Though I would rather help add useful features to an
> open source project, rather than making private 
> modifications, it seems
> clear that this group is dedicated to producing a system for 
> different user
> needs.

Although I have been bitten by the purists, I have to say that every hacky
feature added is a hack feature to be maintain forever and on every
environment you can think about. So it is probably better to be causious.

> Perhaps once there is a simple and powerful way to add features to Ant
> (with-out having to maintain a private version) then 
> developers can be free
> to include/exclude the functionality that there environment demands.

Well, the TASK APIs is part of such an architecture. I would really
wouldlike to have even more plugability, for example one could modify
ANT's main to consult some property to find which class to instantiate
to actually execute main. With that, you could have your own subclass
of ANT's main that defines the parameters however you like.

As long as you extend, instead of modify ANT, you do not need to
have versions. But to do this we need to probably rethink a little 
ANT's outer layer.

Jose Alberto

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