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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: jakarta website cvs module WAS: RE: [SUBMIT] Enhanced Tstamp
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 01:41:43 GMT
Chris Todd wrote:

> Jon-
> Really - is that all that is necessary to make docs and website
> contributions?  I didn't even know the jakarta website was a cvs module.  Is
> this type of arrangement set up for most jakarta projects?  How about
> and projects as well?

There are variations on the theme, but the general answer is yes (also
for the main Apache web site).

The web site you see at is made up of the

* Static content (stored in the "jakarta-site" CVS module)

* Other stuff that is checked out from project CVS repositories
  (like the online copy of the Tomcat documentation)

* Manually uploaded things (like releases in the "builds" directory).

For the Jakarta site, we're temporarily using a "poor man's" template
engine to maintain the common look and feel of the static content. 
Check out the README file at the top level directory of the
"jakarta-site" repositiory (I just added a link to this for online
access via CVSWeb) for info on what actually is required to update the

Individual subprojects can choose to maintain their web site content
through any combination of these techniques, and different subprojects
do it differently.  Ant, for example, could really do with someone
interested in enhancing what is already there (hint, hint :-).

> Regards,
> Chris Todd

Craig McClanahan

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