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From Jonas Tehler <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Dynamic target
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 14:45:28 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> (2) I don't really like having magic names and
> (3) I'd need a way to turn this feature off (or better yet on. and
> have it off by default).
> Say I have this buildfile with a target named default, just because I
> wanted it to name that way, not to do something magic there. I invoke
> "ant baz" but actually I wanted to say "ant bar" but my fingers
> slipped. There is a bar target but no baz target. So instead of my
> target "bar" or an error message the totally unrelated target
> "default" is executed. Big surprise.

I agree, using 'dynamic' as magic name isn't soo great. I could make it
just like default, a 'dynamic' attribute in the project tag that
which target unknown targets should be sent to. 

/ Jonas

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