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From Toby Baier <>
Subject Re: Home for ANT GUI (was: Ant GUI Requirements)
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2000 12:07:36 GMT
Simeon Fitch wrote:
> Thanks for all your input. I have spent the last few
> days putting together framework/infrastructure, and
> have something that compiles and runs, but doesn't do
> anything remotely useful.

A nice infrastructure is important before we start, of course. I once
coded a clone of which just showed a JPanel, a JComboBox for
the targets and some JButtons, which help to some extent but was so ugly
in design I wouldn't dare to show anyone.
Does your design implement something liek a MVC structure? I think this
decoupling is very important. We already have the "model" part, which is
just Projects with Targets and Tasks. View shouldn't be too hard, just
some swing and maybe a GEF editor, if we want to get really
sophisticated. Most important will be the Controller part. We can borrow
some code from Main here, but it's essentially more.
What do you think? Can you explain your infrastructure, Simeon?

> Here's what the directory structure looks like so far
> (if you are interested).
> jakarta-ant/src/antidote
> jakarta-ant/src/antidote/org/apache/tools/ant/gui
> jakarta-ant/src/antidote/org/apache/tools/ant/gui/resources
> jakarta-ant/src/antidote/org/apache/tools/ant/gui/event
> jakarta-ant/src/antidote/org/apache/tools/ant/gui/util
> jakarta-ant/src/antidote/org/apache/tools/ant/gui/command
> jakarta-ant/src/antidote/docs

I don't really care where these are located, they should just go online
somewhere soon so we can start coding.


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