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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant/lib - New directory
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 00:54:09 GMT
At 09:12  28/11/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Peter Donald wrote:
>> > I too am tired.  For example, I know from past experience
>> > that as a committer if I were to -1 this, my objection
>> > would be ignored.
>> Nope it wouldn't - at least not by me ;) Only one person
>> has expressed a -1 so far (Connor IIRC) and
>Ok, for the record, -1.

okay ;)

>It is also my reading of
> that one veto should be
>sufficient, even if it is "only" Conor. ;-)

yep - but if he doesn't keep responding to further
queries/questions/suggestions it effectively goes to +/- 0

>> I have offered a solution that would solve your objections -
>> what do you think about it?
>I'm sorry to say that for me, your proposal actually solves the wrong
>problem.  If there was some way to reliably determine what packages were
>used to build the product, I have no problem with a build process producing
>an installation image that exactly matches the build.

Okay I guess I read your problem wrong ;)

>What I would like to be able to do is easily and reliably control what
>versions of dependent products are used in any particular build.  For
>background, most of my work to date has been involved with integrating
>multiple products.  (FYI - this is still true at this moment, but the
>products are not Apache ones)  This task is often difficult and the way I
>like to proceed is to start with the source of every product and build them
>as if they were a single product.  This way when I find I have to debug a
>problem, I can reliably bring up the source which matches my executable,
>make a fix, build it, and run the results.

Okay how about this. We make a directory lib/support and we place the jars
in there. Instead of automatically including all these files we include
only those files specified by a property variable.

So we can do "-Djar.junit=/place/to/my/own/copy/of/junit.jar" on command
line to change the junit from default ("./lib/optional/junit.jar") to
another junit.  As this is painful to place on command line you can simply
add it to in directory you build jakarta-ant from.
( is unversioned and ignored in updates).

Thus would look like

jar.jaxp= # Null as it is included in xerces

Would this suit your needs. It still makes it simple to build ant but if
you really need to overide libraries you can



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