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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: Jars in CVS ??
Date Sat, 25 Nov 2000 01:26:33 GMT
At 12:02  25/11/00 +1100, Conor MacNeill wrote:
>I do not support including jars for the optional components. 

I *mostly* agree. I guess it depends on what you call optional I guess.
Some things are needed to build and test ant at the moment (ie junit + xml
parser) while others will become more important in future (ie
xalan+stylebook or cocoon2 when we auto-gen documentation). Asking people
to jump aroun all over the place to get it to build is not something I want
to see.

For other things that are not needed for building and/or not popular enough
(ie jar for ftp task) would be excluded. When a jar is needed to build ant
or is popular enough I think we should chuck it in.

>By their nature
>optional components are not required to develop ant nor to use the core
>features of ant. 

but they are ;) and/or will be in future.

>As the number of optional tasks grows, trying to include
>and manage all the supporting jars and their versions will become a
>headache. The incidence of jar version conflict also will increase.
>Duplicating jars from a host of other projects doesn't really make sense to

I agree for other non-essentials (ie regexp/ftp/other jars) but not for
necessary components.

>Currently, if I install a number of different projects, I end up with a
>number of versions of ant on my machine. We still get people wondering why
>ant doesn't compile their files with JDK 1.3 because of the ant bundled with

Unfortunately this is a requirement because ant is still in active
developement. It would be unacceptable for other projects to stop building
because of a change in ant. It would also be unacceptable if ant stopped
being able to be built and tested if stylebook/xalan/junit changed.

>I think the documentation should state the dependencies and provide a URL
>from which a user can download the appropriate components. I don't think
>that would be too difficult.

I agree for "optional" components.



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