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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Jars in CVS ??
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2000 23:45:16 GMT

hmmm ... So I think it is agreed that we can include "safe" jars like
latest junit.jar etc. However a problem arises with jars for sax/dom/xslt
and for jars that rely on particular versions of these jars (ie stylebook).
In these cases (and I would also say in the "safe" cases) we don't want to
include the jars in a distribution because it would cause conflicts and
also increase size of package.

So in reality we are just talking about jars in CVS not dists. In which
case I think we should be safe including xalan/stylebook because very few
projects have conflicts? How about xerces.jar? I could imagine a lot of
projects use a lower version of sax/dom and this may cause conflict?
However if we are not including it in the "dist" target it should never be
placed in install directory and thus will not be an issue for those
projects (unless install-dir is same as jakarta-ant CVS dir).

So this makes it real easy to build for most developers while still
allowing you to install it into another directory unfetted by possibly
incompatable jars.

Would this be a problem for anyone ?



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