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From Peter Donald <>
Subject From attributes to elements and other concerns
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2000 01:44:19 GMT

I just received a number of complaints/concerns about latest ant direction
from a number of relatively non-technical people (and as such I am not sure
if they are valid complaints). As ant has evolved there has been a tendency
to reduce the number of attributes in a task and increase the number of
elements. So parameters are gradually going from "include" attributes to
"include" elements. I was told that this is increasing difficult for
average users. While I tend to agree that it increases difficulty I think
it is a fair enough tradeoff for added power in general. It does increase
the learning curve a little but ...

Not sure - what does everyone else think ? Is it desirable to continue the
trend or not ? I would say tentatively that it is a desirable thing to
elementize tasks.



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