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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: References do not work for me.
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 00:51:14 GMT
At 03:38  16/11/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Now wait a minute, do you mean "discouraged" or "not supported"?  The
>problem with initializing properties outside of targets is that this makes
>initialization "a priori" with respect to executed targets.  It follows that
>I can't do something nifty like have one of two different property files
>sucked in depending on my present OS.  

nope. Not at the moment.

>Regardless of that specific complaint, I don't see why the semantics of the
>two examples should be different, and I protest:  by the time I use my
>defined path, "myprop" has been resolved, so what's the problem with
>interpolating ${myprop} when I actually use the path reference?  

because it would brake current semantics. It will change in future for
Ant2.0 but the next couple of iterations will not have it changed.

>It sounds like Ant is trying to eliminate the conditional setting of
>properties entirely, and is trying to have its cake and restrict it too:
>either don't support property initialization in targets at all, I argue, or
>support it properly with runtime interpolation of path and other referenced
>elements.  As it is now, the semantics feel very "buggy" and I'm going to
>have to throw out referenced paths entirely to proceed.

Right - but many other people complained for each differnt change. This
change will make Ant2.0 (I believe) but not now because we want to keep
compatability for short term.



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