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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: beanshell
Date Sun, 12 Nov 2000 03:18:47 GMT
At 06:22  11/11/00 -0800, you wrote:
>I'm fairly new to the list as well, but when I first
>joined it there was quite a long thread on the pros
>and cons of adding scripting to Ant. BeanShell, along
>with several others (JPython, JavaScript, etc.) were
>discussed. The question at the time, however, was not
>what scripting language, but if a scripting language
>should be added. There is a strong movement to keep
>Ant as simple as possible, and only as complicated as
>necessary. There are strong arguments for being able
>to accomplish most build requirements without a
>scripting language (aside from actually launching
>Antineers, have I got this right?

right ;)

>So, the question is not yet whether or not to use
>BeanShell, but to use any scripting language as well.
>I don't have the background to make such a
>determination myself, but /if/ it were decided that
>one was needed, I would certainly hope that BeanShell
>is seriously considered as I *really* like the the
>fact that BeanShell is as close to interpreted Java as
>you can get. 

ick - thats good enough reason to stay away from it ;) Most of the people
who use my ant scripts are webdesigner/site-maintainer people and they
would flip if something as programmy as beanshell ever appeared in a build
file - maybe javascript would be acceptable as it has made inroads in their
minds or perhaps python if the person is a system admin but Ii would hate
to see beanshell become required reading for any build file ;)



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