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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: OS detection: am I missing the obvious?
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2000 01:37:11 GMT
At 05:12  8/11/00 -0800, you wrote:
>--- Diane Holt <> wrote:
>> I'm not trying to re-open this debate, honestly, but
>> I just have to say
>> that I find it interesting that you think heading
>> towards something like
>> "configure" is desirable, just to avoid having a
>> test-for-value.
>Since this debate pre-dates me, I'll be naive enough
>reopen it :-] 
>When I see someone having to store boolean state
>information as nodes in a file system to get the
>behavior they need, I can't help but to wonder if
>there might be a better way. The fact that there are
>"if" and "unless" attributes leads me to believe that
>there is at least tacit support for conditional target
>execution. The foot has already passed through the
>door; why not enter the room?

that was the reason that many people did not want to even include if/unless
tags ;)

>That being said, adding an equality operator is: 1)
>powerful, 2) simple to implement 3) clearly
>understandable 4) maintainable. It is certainly less
>hairy than scripting.

But if we are going to have equality we may as well have innequality. And
if wee have inequality we may aswell have negation and perhaps conjunction
and then disjunction, perhaps relational operators aswell - then of course
we see the need for approximation, containment, and the full regular
expression suite ;)

We end up with  if="(A || !B) && (C~D || D^(E:F)) == !(A || Z)" and that is
less than simple and completely unmaintainable.

>> Personally, I find "configure" to be one of the
>> yuckiest mangled mess of
>> spaghetti-ed crud I've ever run into (and I've run
>My personal impression of "configure" is that it is
>the answer to incompatible compilers and disparate of
>make (the makefiles it generates are lowest common
>denominator). Does Ant really need this type of
>bandage yet?

Should it ever ? At least for those reasons ?

Configure with respect to ant will be deciding if various facilities are
available (ie java1.1/java1.2/java1.3) or particular archives (ie
servlet.jar/ejb.jar/etc) and possibly other configurable properties (like
install directory). I hope that all of these will be placed into a
properties file which ant can read in and run with.



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